Journey of Joy Transformational Mentorship

A mentoring program offering one-to-one sessions custom-tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, providing you with substantial, sustainable ways to achieve living with a joyful approach to life. Journey of Joy sessions focus on taking real, powerful steps to living with joy..

Yes, you can begin to experience more joy in your daily life
right from the very first session!

Let’s have a conversation about what you are seeking, how I can support this and to explore this Signature Program’s levels to find the perfect fit for you.

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What is Joy? more ...
I define joy as much more than simply a moment of happiness or a random spike of exuberance. I define it as a rich, substantial, uplifted, sustainable way of being. It does not ignore nor negate challenging or difficult situations or circumstances, but instead it can help keep us in balance, with a healthy, positive mindset and emotional state.
How Can I Possibly Find Joy in this Troubled World? more ...
The most common barrier people feel they face when looking to reconnect with their joy in life is that all they seem to see and be able to focus on are the challenges of difficult situations and circumstances, for them personally as well as in the wider world. It can simply feel like too wide a divide between where they are at the moment to where they are able to envision living their life with joy.

They simply can’t see a way to live joyfully. Journey of Joy provides a way.

What does a Journey of Joy mentorship involve? more ...
This mentoring program provides structure for discernment, discovery, learning and integrating joy into your daily life. Having the flexibility to Custom-tailor each program means being able to adapt session content and support materials to best fit your journey as it unfolds.
Each Journey of Joy includes:

Weekly one-to-one, one hour sessions live via Zoom, focusing on specific ways and practices that help shift current perspectives, thoughts, words and actions from lacking connection to joy to incorporating joy into daily life.

Access to replay video of Zoom session.

Private personal resource content page for support materials.

Custom-created or selected videos with supporting practices.

Supplemental PDFs with additional explorations tailored to your journey.

Two program levels and lengths available.

And know that there is plenty of fun on this journey too!
What Results Can I Expect? more ...
While I can’t guarantee what your experience may yield, the purpose is for you to learn and incorporate real ways and practices that bring and maintain more joy in your daily life. Your results - transformation - are truly dependent on you; your willingness and commitment to making your life one of joy.

Here’s what came forth for a variety of clients as a result of their Journeys of Joy:

A greater enjoyment of life all around.

An uplifted groundedness that helps maintain a sense of balance and optimism when facing life’s challenges.

A rekindling of joy in playing the harp, uplifted creativity and artistry.

Support during an unexpected difficult life circumstance, with a revitalized outlook on life after loss.

Rejuvenation of passion for life-long career.

Revitalization of personal relationships.

And too many more joy-filled results to list!
Let’s Talk Joy! more ...
Let’s have a conversation about what you are seeking, how I can support this and to explore this Signature Program’s levels to find the perfect fit for you.

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