Celtic Advent
Thank you for your interest in Celtic Advent. Due to unforeseen circumstances this offering is not available at this time. If you are interested in receiving information on other upcoming offerings, please email me. Blessings of this beautiful season to you!

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Celtic Advent Virtual Retreat

"In out-of-the-way places of the heart,
Where your thoughts never think to wander,
This beginning has been quietly forming,
Waiting until you were ready to emerge."
John O’Donohue, For a New Beginning

Are you finding your heart and soul yearning for something beautifully, deeply, spiritually nourishing through Advent this year?

I know my heart and soul surely are!

Imagine… combining the nurturing essence of a retreat intertwined with the richness of devotional practices and the inquisitiveness and the delight of a child opening the doors on an advent calendar, inspired by Celtic spirituality, wisdom, and sensibilities, through creative and contemplative arts as well as deep love of the Earth and the natural world.

That is Celtic Advent virtual retreat experience

Created with spiritual sustenance for body, mind and soul at it’s "heart", Celtic Advent is a self-guided journey that you can take at your own pace over the four weeks of Advent. Delight in each “bite-sized” yet deeply nourishing daily offerings that invite you to explore, ponder and cherish this time of Advent.

My Heart and Soul Says Yes to Celtic Advent!

The Celtic Advent Journey more ...

"What is unique about the Celtic tradition…[is that] at it’s core is the conviction that we essentially need to keep listening to what our soul already knows."
John Philip Newell, Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul

Celtic spirituality - Celtic Christianity - celebrates the sacredness of Earth, Soul, the sacred Feminine - the sacredness of every being and every thing.

Celtic Advent invites us to explore and celebrate, with body, mind and spirit, this beautiful and expansive sacredness of this season.Inspirations born of Celtic spirituality, wisdom and sensibilities, shared though expressive and contemplative arts; music, poetry, dance, art, prayer, Advent altar creation, visio divina, meditation, readings, rituals, as well as communion with Nature..

Our guideposts will be the themes of the four Sundays of Advent - Hope, Peace, Joy and Love. We will “journey towards” each Sunday, beginning on Nov. 26, giving us the opportunity to lovingly enfold ourselves in the message of each week.

The daily offerings are created with the flow of the journey in mind, but please know that all offerings are optional. This is your Advent journey. They are all purposefully "bite-sized", to fit easily into busy days. And they are all intended to be deeply nourishing to your body, mind and soul. Do only what feeds your heart and soul.
Celtic Advent includes more ...

Access the private Celtic Advent online resource home. (thru Jan. 15, 2024) for:

Downloadable PDFs
Videos (visio divina, prayers, meditations, more)
Gentle daily email invitation to that day’s offering.

Daily offering (from one of these categories):
~ Creative explorations
~ Spiritual practices
~ "Shimmerings" for your heart and mind to ponder

Opening Gathering via Zoom - Sun., Nov. 26 at 4 PM ET (optional) replay will be available.
Closing Gathering via Zoom - TBA (optional), replay will be available.
A community of loving hearts and souls on this journey too.
A body-mind-soul-nourishing Advent journey, taken at your own pace and of your own making, using the offerings provided. Enriching, delightful, beautiful.

The investment for Celtic Advent more ...

The investment for Celtic Advent is $133

I love delving into the spiritual significance of numbers! The number 133 is believed to hold profound meaning and symbolism in biblical contexts, particularly in relation to divine guidance.

Number 1 represents unity, oneness, and divine power.

Number 33 is a symbol of Christ's ministry and represents His years on Earth. It also signifies spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Combining these numbers, the number 133 symbolizes the presence of God's guidance and direction in our lives.

Blessings of the Advent Journey upon you ~


"May the Blessing of Light be on you
Light without and light within."
~ Christine Sine

My Heart and Soul Says Yes to Celtic Advent!

Who is Martha more ...

Living in the heart of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of northeastern NYS, Martha draws inspiration from the Nature around her. She infuses these inspirations into her work as an internationally acclaimed musician, harper, singer, songwriter and performer as well as a Joy mentor, Blessing creator, conscious dance facilitator and lay pastor..

Celtic Advent Virtual Retreat

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