Living in Rhythm: Awaken Anew!
Mar. 18 - Mar. 24, 2024

Awaken Anew Virtual Retreat

"Early Spring is an attitude. It’s the bedrock belief that life will persist, that growth will happen, and that renewal is not only possible but inevitable. Every breath, every inhale, every exhale weaves us into the web of life."
Maia Toll, Wild Wisdom Companion

The Vernal, or Spring, Equinox is one of only two times in the year when there is a moment of equal day and equal night; a balance. And then we step over the threshold, out of Winter and into Spring; a time of reawakening and enlivening, of the Earth and of our cells and souls.

Living in Rhythm: Awaken Anew! Online Mini Retreat
Mar. 18 - Mar. 24, 2023 **NOTE: Other than the two live Zoom sessions, this retreat is self-guided. Once the retreat has begun, you can access the content at your own pace, so the dates shown for the retreat are meant more as a set of guidelines. more ...
THE RETREAT: This online mini-retreat offers daily creative explorations and spiritual practices designed to help us deepen our awareness of the rhythms of the cosmos, the rhythms of life and this season when the Earth awakens anew, as does all life, including we humans. A wonderful variety of short and simple, yet rich and fulfilling creative exploration and Spiritual practices that explore our interconnectivity with seasons, cycles and celebrations.

Online: At home; no travel involved.

Mini: "Bite-sized" retreat sessions that fit easily into even a busy day.

Self-guided: You choose when/if you engage in daily activities, which ones, how much time you spend, etc. Rather freeing, in a grown up kind of way, don’t you think?

Live Elements: via Zoom. Equinox Gathering is Tue., Mar. 19 at 9 PM ET. Closing Gathering is Sun., Mar. 24 at 6 PM ET. The gatherings are a wonderful time to connect with other retreat attendees, ask questions, and share experiences. Each gathering lasts approx. an hour and is optional, with recording available after.

What is a Retreat? An intentional respite; a hiatus from one’s daily routines and demands.

Retreats that involve going physically to a different location for a specific time period compel us to experience a change of physical, mental and spiritual "scenery". With an online retreat it is up to each of us to honor and gift ourselves the time and space for rest, renewal and fresh perspectives as well as for the blossoming of inspiration, creative thinking, learning and doing. The daily sessions, with creative explorations and spiritual practices, provide the framework in which to do this.

WHAT'S INCLUDED: Seven days of a variety of self-guided creative arts and spiritual practices designed to deepen one’s connection to and expression of rhythms of life*. Music, dance, visual arts, meditations, visio divina, movement, poetry, ritual, journaling; presented through videos and downloadable pdfs.

*Each daily offering can take about 15 min. to do. However, you are invited - and encouraged - to take as much time as you desire to ponder and explore the creative art or spiritual practice invitation more deeply.

VIRTUAL RETREAT INVESTMENT: The investment is $45. for the Awaken Anew!

The number 45 is said to possess great spiritual energy. It seems a perfect fit for the powerful time of the Vernal Equinox and celebrating the growing light and awakening of new life.

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I send you Blessings of emerging light and life ~

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